We are specialists in the manufacture of all kinds of joinery products and would be pleased to provide you with a quotation for all of your joinery requirements.

We enjoy what we do and have been doing it successfully for over 15 years.

Ours is a friendly, hassle free enterprise whose philosophy is that we refuse to compromise on quality and service - if we can't do it properly, to your satisfaction, we won't take it on.

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You can commission us from architect's drawings, conceptual ideas, or simply to solve a problem.

We'll provide the estimate and then prepare computer-aided drawings for the manufacture of the items. We go out to sites and re-check dimensions, and discuss with you any issues arising.

All joinery is manufactured on our premises for collection.

We specialise in all kinds of restoration work, from matching components in listed buildings to wholesale reproductions in converted barns.


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spray booth

Why not take advantage of our full painting service?

We have a spray booth where we can prime and paint (or prime only) before the item leaves our premises.

This saves you money, valuable time and gives total protection - we get to the parts that your painters won't even be able to see!

We specialise in coatings with the emphasis on external exposure, thus assuring long-term durability.We can match virtually any colour you need.

We invest heavily in the latest machinery, and if your project requires us to buy in specialist equipment, we are prepared to make that commitment.

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